Ally needs surgery to end her pain. She has been fighting uveitis also known as moon blindness for 11 years. She is completely blind in her left eye and is in a lot of pain. The vet recommends removing the eye to remove the pain. She has been suffering for the last couple of months and we are desperate to end her suffering. Please help us help her.
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Ally was literally skin and bone when we got her from Animal Control. She had been seized for neglect from her owner along with Jake and Cowboy. She has Uveitis also known as Moon Blindness which is an on-going illness that could end up with the horse becoming totally blind. Ally has lost much of the vision in her left eye but for now it seems the illness is in remission. She gets powdered aspirin with each meal to keep the inflamation down. She is a permanent resident due to her Uveitis and an old injury to her leg, she can not be ridden and is lame. She is not in any pain and enjoys her life grazing with friends.

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